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Online learning is a fantastic way to train with your dog! It is so flexible and broken down into small chunks it can be fitted in around almost any lifestyle and schedule. You are able to revisit topics as much as you wish to practice and improve. It can often be more cost-effective too!

So what are you waiting for! Head on over to the “All Courses” section and lets get learning!

Remember for the best experience, use a computer, laptop or tablet device with a good internet connection.

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Great Paws Online Dog Training & Puppy Training

Foundation Paws

Over 40 videos covering all the foundation skills in dog training including focus, lead walking, recall, house manners, and more!


Homemade Enrichment

Learn how to use common household items and recycling to make brilliant brain games for your pooch! The perfect way to enhance their learning and promote calmness through problem-solving.


Setting Up For Success

Before embarking on your incredible dog training journey, it's always wise to cover off some basic theories. This way you know you are setting your pooch and yourself up to succeed!

This course covers:

How dogs learn
Criteria & Setup