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The “Free Stuff” page is limited to members of the Great Paws Gang. So join for FREE and once logged in the page will load for you when you click on it.

There are two ways to Join. Number 1 is the best way!

  1. Find a free course on the courses page, follow the buttons to Enrol. Complete the checkout form to enrol and this will also allow you to create an account. Done! You are now a member and have a free course! 
  2. Just click on the “Login” button below, Find the “Register for an account” button, click that fill in your details and that’s it! You will be a member of the Great Paws Gang.

Yes – Membership to the Great Paws Gang is Free and always will be. 

You will be able to access free resources with your membership on the “Free Stuff” page. 

You will also have access to any free courses that are released (but you will need to enrol onto them). 

There will also be some paid for courses which will focus on specific topics.

To get access to a course you must enrol onto it. Find a course you like (free or paid for) and follow the buttons to Enrol. You will be taken to a checkout page to complete to gain access. 

If this is your first course and you are already a member, you will see an option to “log in” at the top of the form if you haven’t already logged in. 

If you are not a member, you will become one through the checkout process. 

Once checked out, you can access your course on the “My Account” page.

My Account