Foundation Paws

The Great Paws “Foundation Paws” course covers everything you need to set off on the right paw with your pooch! 

Designed for dogs of all ages, this course will take you through the theory and practical exercises to help you build an amazing bond and learn skills for a fun and happy life together. 

Please Note – This course was originally filmed for Facebook and as such some videos may refer to group or Q&A interactions which are not available via this course. However if you have any questions after completing this course, please do contact me and I will look to provide answers for you. 

This course is broken into 5 units. Each unit is made up of both “Geek Out” and “Exercise” videos along with some supporting documents to give you the best blend of theory and practical. 

Click the unit names below for a taste of what’s in store! 

Focus & Foundations

Where it all starts to ensure you can have the best connection and communication with your pooch. 

  • 4 Geek Out Videos
  • 4 Instructional Videos

Lead Walking

None of us want our arms pulled out the sockets! So in this unit we cover off the dynamics and challenges of nice lead manners and give you the skills to achieve it.

  • 4 Geek Out Videos
  •  5 Instructional Videos

House Manners

Heading to bed, Impulse control, handling, grooming and some handy tricks are essential for a stress free life. 

  • 1 Geek Out Videos
  •  4 Instructional Videos


Fun, safety, enjoyable explorations are just some of the reasons a fantastic recall is a great skill to learn!

  • 3 Geek Out Videos
  •  6 Instructional Videos

Play & Confidence

A happy resilient confident pooch will be able to deal with the world around them much better. Couple this with some fantastic play with you and the ability to “drop” items when asked makes all interactions fun and engaging. 

  • 3 Geek Out Videos
  • 4 Instructional Videos

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